Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 324 1845 N-1 R4 EF40. Sharpness AU50 but expertly recolored glossy olive brown and chocolate. The only mark is a speck of carbon on a dentil below the 5. Mint frost shows in protected areas and this cent has excellent eye appeal. MDS, die state b. The fine die lines from the dentils left of the date are gone.

LOT 325 1845 N-4 R1 Repunched 5 AU55. Frosty olive brown and steel. Sharp and choice with mint state eye appeal, but there is a trace of friction on the highest points of the devices. EDS, die state a, with an uncracked reverse. The repunching on the 5 is sharp.

Ex Sale #8, 12/26/1999:167 (lot ticket included)

LOT 326 Quartet of Cents, 1845 & 1849, grading F12 to F15. Includes 1845 N-4 R1, 1849 N-1 R4-, 1849 N-2 R1, and 1849 N-26 R3. A couple are slightly sharper with minor defects but all are glossy brown and chocolate. Lot of 4 coins

LOT 327 1846 N-12 R1 Tall Date AU50. Close to mint state but there is a very thin nick on the jaw. Frosty light steel brown and olive with a small puff of darker chocolate brown toning in the field before the eye. Sharply struck EDS, die state b. The repunching left of the base of the 4 is gone.

LOT 328 1846 N-13 R4 Tall Date with Repunched 1 VF30. Ten points sharper but there is a rim dent over star 9. Otherwise smooth and quite nice with just a few trivial marks. Glossy medium chocolate brown. MDS, die state b, with crumbling inside the lower part of the R in AMERICA. The repunching through the center of the 1 is clear in spite of the crud in protected areas.

Ex 2001 EAC Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 3/31/2001:483 (lot ticket included)

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