Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024



LOT 83 1817 N-4 R3+ G6. Glossy light olive and chocolate brown. Smooth but unevenly struck a bit off center to K-3. MDS. The reverse displays the swelling characteristic of a brockage maker that was struck at least twice, once normally and at least one more time with the reverse against a new blank planchet. Interestingly 1817 N-4 is one of the most commonly seen varieties with a reverse brockage error. Your cataloger has seen at least a dozen, and for every brockage there is a “brockage maker.”

Ex Chris McCawley 12/4/1993

LOT 84 1817 N-5 R3 VF35. Frosty steel brown and light chocolate mottled with lighter brown on the reverse. Sharp and attractive, just lightly worn. No notable marks. MDS.






2/8/1999:2173-Rodney C. Burress (lot ticket included)

LOT 85 1817 N-5 R3 VF35. Frosty olive and chocolate with peeps of lighter brown in protected areas. A small nick on the jawline is the only notable mark. MDS with lightly flowlined fields. A nice cent, just lightly worn.

LOT 86 Quartet of 1817 Cents. Includes N-6 R1 LDS VG10, N-7 R3 MDS with large “Mouse” break VG8, N-8 R2 EDS G5, and N-10 R1 LDS G5. All are glossy brown and chocolate with smooth surfaces and minor marks. Lot of 4 coins.

Ex Rodney C. Burress 9/15/1995

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