Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 335 1848 N-24 R4+ EF45. Glossy tan and light brown with mint frost covering the protected areas. The only mark is a trivial speck of darker toning right of star 8. LDS, die state c. A very nice example of a scarce variety.

LOT 338 1849 N-11 R1 Repunched 1 VF30. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate. Smooth and attractive. The only marks are a few ticks on the neck and a minor planchet lamination below the ear lobe. Terminal die state (g) with a series of rim cuds on the reverse from below the ribbon loop to over the U, and all the cud breaks are clearly defined.

Ex Rodney C. Burress (includes the Burress envelope)

Ex Rodney C. Burress 4/1/1990-James L. Corrado-Harry W. Colborn-Karn-Rodney C. Burress (includes the Corrado and Burress envelopes)

LOT 336 1849 N-9 R3+ EF45. Frosty medium brown and light chocolate with lighter brown and tan in protected areas. The only mark is a small spot of reddish brown toning high on the cheekbone. MDS, die state d, with die crumbling on the reverse.

LOT 339 1851 N-45 R4 EF40. At least 5 points sharper but recolored dark olive brown and steel. Smooth surfaces and the only notable mark is a small rim bruise over star 7. E-MDS, die state a, with a single faint die crack on the obverse.

Ex Douglas F. Bird (includes the Bird sales ticket)

Ex Auctions/Superior 2/18/2002:1361-McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 9/5/2004:1112 (both lot tickets included) McCawley & Grellman

LOT 337 1849 N-11 R1 Repunched 1 AU58. Lustrous light steel brown with a puff of slightly darker reddish steel brown toning in the field off the end of the nose. Looks mint state but there is a trace of rub on the very highest points of the devices. MDS, die state a, before any cud breaks on the reverse. The repunching under the right side of the 1 is clear. A shallow low spot covers much of the cheek and neck (caused by debris/lubricant on the die). Removed from an ANACS slab graded MS63BRN (ANACS label #364513 included).

LOT 340 1853 N-8 R3 EF40. Ten points sharper but there are two dark olive brown stain spots on the reverse: one at TE in UNITED and another at TA in STATES. Otherwise the toning is an attractive frosty light brown. The only contact mark is a small rim nick right of star 13. MDS, die state b, with flowlined fields.

Ex Gary M. Ruttenberg, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 8/17/1996:499-R. S. Brown, Jr., McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 6/1/1998:621-Rodney C. Burress (includes both lot tickets plus the Brown and Burress envelopes)

Ex McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 2/2004:1488 (lot ticket included)

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