Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 294 Pair of 1838 Cents graded VF30. Includes N-2 R1 MDS and N-5 R1 MDS. Both are attractive glossy brown and chocolate with smooth surfaces. Lot of 2 coins.

LOT 296 Pair of 1838 Cents graded VF25. Includes N-4 R2 EDS and N-8 R1 MDS. Both are slightly sharper with light contact marks; otherwise glossy brown and chocolate toning on smooth surfaces. Lot of 2 coins.

The N-5 is ex Coin Galleries (Stack’s) 11/9/1994:1960 (lot ticket included)

LOT 297 1838 N-11/13 R4 (as a die state) VG10. Sharpness VF20 but covered with minor roughness. Shallow verdigris shows in protected areas and there is a rim bruise below the 18. Dark olive brown with lighter brown on the highpoints. LDS with a cud break reaching well inside the dentils at stars 1-2 (Newcomb’s #13).

Ex Colonel Steven K. Ellsworth 9/15/1995

LOT 298 1838 N-14 R4 VF25. Glossy light to medium chocolate brown. Smooth and attractive with only trivial contact marks. EDS, Grellman state a, before any crumbling in the dentils at star 7.

LOT 295 Trio of 1838 Cents grading F12 to VF20. Average grade is F15. Includes N-3 R1 MDS, N-7 R1 MDS, and N-12 R2 Doubled Die Reverse MDS. All are sharper with defects. Lot of 3 coins.

Ex McCawley & Grellman Auctions 10/2/1993:195 (lot ticket included)

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