Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 237 1831 N-14 R4 Large Letters VF35. Glossy medium brown with a couple puffs of darker chocolate brown toning on the obverse. Smooth and void of notable marks. An attractive example, just lightly worn. MDS.

Ex James L. Corrado-Dr. Thomas S. Chalkley, Superior 1/1990:741-Jon A. Boka-Del Bland-Robert E. Vail, Superior 9/7/1997:513 (includes both lot tickets)

LOT 240 Pair of Cents, 1832 & 1835. Includes 1832 N-1 R2 LDS F15 (sharper from wear with choice surfaces, but the strike is soft), and 1835 N-6 R1 LDS F12. Both are choice glossy brown and light chocolate with smooth surfaces. Lot of 2 coins.

LOT 238 1832 N-1 R2 Medium Letters EF40. Glossy tan and chocolate, the obverse mottled. Mint frost shows in protected areas. No marks or other defects. MDS, Grellman state b. The fields are lightly flowlined, the reverse is cracked, and the die lines from the leaf under the first A in AMERICA are clear.

Ex United States Coin Co. 1/21/1916:431-Henry C. Hines Lillian Scheer-Willard C. Blaisdell 9/1974-Del Bland-Robert E. Vail, Superior 9/7/1997:514 (includes the Hines collection envelope and Superior lot ticket)

LOT 239 1832 N-1 R2 Medium Letters VF30. Ten points sharper but dark olive and steel with extremely faint granularity covering the planchet. Mint frost shows on the reverse. Sharply struck EDS.

LOT 241 Quartet of 1832-1834 Cents grading AG3 to G6. Average grade is G5. Includes 1832 N-1 R2, 1833/2 N-4 R4 Overdate 3 over 2, 1833 N-6 R1, and 1834 N-6 R3 Large Date & Letters. All are slightly sharper with a few marks and chocolate brown toning. Lot of 4 coins.

Tuesday, June 14 th , 2022 1PM CST


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