Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 231 1831 N-11 R2 Medium Letters VF30. Ten points sharper but nicely recolored glossy reddish steel brown and chocolate. No marks but there are traces of extremely fine roughness on the obverse and a light rim bruise at ME in AMERICA. TDS with a cud break at TES, and the top of that S is filled.

LOT 232 1831 N-12 R1 Large Letters VF25. Slightly sharper with fine crud in protected areas, particularly on the reverse. Mostly glossy dark olive brown with lighter olive highpoints. Just trivial contact marks. Later die state, Grellman state e, with a rising retained cud break right of the date. A very scarce die state and a precursor to the extremely rare die state offered as the following lot.

Ex Wesley A. Rasmussen 3/1977-James L. Corrado 4/1987-Rodney C. Burress (includes the Corrado and Burress envelopes)


LOT 233 1831 N-12/.5 R7+ (as a die state) Large Letters VG10. Sharpness VF20 but dark and covered with fine to moderate granularity, strongest on the reverse. No marks or verdigris. What makes this piece special is the die state. Later die state, Grellman e late, with a clearly raised retained cud break right of the date. Raised most on the left end of the cud and clearly later than the preceding lot. Only one point of star 13 is consumed by the retained cud, the so-called N-12/.5 die state (state N-12/1 has the cud fully raised and consuming two points of star 13). We have seen 3 examples in this die state, and this is the sharpest of that small group. One of those was in the Dan Holmes collection (McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 5/30/2010:362), a recolored G4 piece that brought $310.50. A piece for the die state enthusiast.

Ex McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 5/29/2011:97 (group lot)

LOT 234 1831 N-12/2 R5+ (as a die state) Large Letters VG7. A point or two sharper but there are several fine scratches on both sides, mostly in the field before the portrait. Otherwise smooth and the toning is a very attractive glossy chocolate brown with lighter brown on the devices. Rare LDS with a cud break that covers the lower 3 points of star 13.

Ex Carvin Goodridge 4/1992-March Wells, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 2/7/2000:1958 (includes the Goodridge and Wells envelopes and the Superior lot ticket)

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