Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 227 1831 N-8 R3 Large Letters EF40. Glossy tan and light chocolate with mint frost in protected areas. No notable marks, just light wear on the devices. MDS with a fine die crack at TED-ST.

LOT 226 1831 N-7 R1 Large Letters VF25. Sharpness VF35 but there are several small contact marks including a rim bruise at star 11 and a couple minor rim nicks at IT in UNITED. Mostly glossy dark steel brown and chocolate with some silvery toning in protected places around ONE CENT. LDS, Grellman state b, with crumbling in the notch of the R in AMERICA. There is a clear double profile from the forehead down to the chin.

Ex McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 2/8/1998:1157 (lot ticket included)

Ex Tom Reynolds 3/20/1984-Jack H. Robinson, Superior 1/29/1989:940-Doctor Thomas Wachtel Collection, Early Cents Auctions 7/1/2023:51 (includes the Wachtel collection envelope and both lot tickets)


LOT 228 1831 N-8 R3 Large Letters G5. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate. Smooth and quite nice for the grade, just worn. Rare LDS, Grellman state h, with a cud break that connects TED-S to the rim.

Ex Jack Borckardt (Collector’s Cabinet) 2/12/1987-March Wells, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 2/7/2000:1948 (includes the Wells collection envelope and lot ticket)

LOT 229 1831 N-10 R3 Large Letters EF40+. Choice glossy light chocolate brown. Mint frost covers the protected areas and this cent has great eye appeal. No marks, just light friction on the highpoints. Close to EF45. M-LDS, Grellman state c early. The die crack at the top of the reverse is light. Noyes photo #27722.

LOT 230 1831 N-10 R3 Large Letters VF30. Slightly sharper but there are some small nicks scattered over the obverse. Frosty golden tan and light olive with steel brown on the highpoints. Possibly lightly cleaned and retoned but the eye appeal of this cent is very nice. EDS, Grellman state a, with no rim cud or die crack.

Ex George Ramont, 1983 EAC Sale, lot 403-Stuart A. Hodge (includes the Hodge collection envelope and EAC Sale lot ticket)

Ex Jerry Wysong 9/16/1994

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