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LOT 211 1830 N-6 R4 Medium Letters PCGS XF Details Environmental Damage. Sharpness VF35 but there are small areas of fine roughness on otherwise smooth, frosty surfaces. Most of the roughness is near the dentils, especially under the date and at stars 2-3, but there is a small patch of shallow roughness in the field just off the chin and more at UNITE. No verdigris or contact marks. Frosty olive brown with lighter brown in the fields and on the devices. MDS, Grellman state b, with a very light die crack from the tip of the bust. The strike at the top of the inner hair bun and on the opposing leaves under IC is weak, as usual, but the rest of the devices are well struck for this variety. Our grade is net VF20. The attribution and COL Ellsworth Collection provenance are noted on the PCGS Gold Shield label. 36967.97/28324325

LOT 214 1830 N-8 R1 Large Letters PCGS graded MS63 Brown. Lustrous light brown with slightly darker steel brown and chocolate on the obverse devices. The reverse has generous traces of slightly faded mint red remaining in protected areas. There are a few subtle puffs of reddish brown toning on the obverse including one left of the date, another in the field right of star 3, and a tiny one just right of the inner curl. A tiny nick in the middle of the nose is the only notable sign of contact. MDS, Grellman state b, with a clear die crack from the bust tip to the dentils under star 1, but the repunching left of the upright of the 1 is still visible. The reverse is flawless. Graded MS60+ by Del Bland. Our grade is AU58+, very close to mint state. Comes with a nice provenance. The attribution and COL Ellsworth Collection provenance are noted on the PCGS Gold Shield label. 36955.63/25649726

Ex Chris McCawley, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/ Superior 10/1/2000:1359-Dr. Wallace Lee, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 5/25/2003:756-Colonel Ellsworth Collection, Early Cents Auctions 9/2/2022:145 (includes the last lot ticket)

Ex J. C. Morgenthau & Co. 7/27/1939:718-Willard C. Blaisdell 9/1976-Del Bland-R. E. Naftzger, Jr.-Dr. Robert J. Shalowitz-Del Bland 4/1983-Stuart A. Hodge 10/1984-Wesley A. Rasmussen, Heritage Auctions 1/13/2005:3576-Colonel Ellsworth Collection (includes the Bland, Naftzger, Hodge, Rasmussen, and Ellsworth collection envelopes and the last 2 lot tickets)

LOT 212 1830 N-6 R4 Medium Letters G6. Glossy light olive and steel. Smooth with just minor marks including a dull rim nick over star 4 and a thin diagonal nick on the cheek. EDS. The date and legends are clear. A popular “Redbook” variety.

LOT 215 1830 N-8 R1 Large Letters VF35. At least 5 points sharper but dusted with light verdigris. No marks or traces of meaningful corrosion. Needs a proper bath. Glossy olive brown and steel. MDS with a die crack from the end of the bust to the dentils at star 1.

Ex Chris McCawley 9/18/1993

LOT 213 1830 N-7 R3 F15. Glossy light olive and steel. Smooth and very nice for the grade. Softly struck at the coronet tip, as usual for this scarce die variety. LDS.

Ex McCawley & Grellman Auctions 10/2/1993:157 (lot ticket included)

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