Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 154 1825 N-1 R4 F15. Sharpness VF35 but covered with fine to moderate roughness under slightly glossy dark olive brown toning. No marks or verdigris. MDS with a rim cud from star 7.5 to star 9. Struck slightly off center to K-10.5.

LOT 151 1824 N-4 R2 PCGS graded AU58. Frosty mix of light chocolate brown and tan with a streak of olive brown from star 7 to star 2. The surfaces are slightly dull from a thin layer of oxidation but the details are quite sharp. No roughness but there are some minor marks including a couple hairlines under the ear and tiny ticks in the field before the neck with more scattered over the reverse. None of these contact marks is visible without the aid of a strong glass. EDS, Grellman state b. The die crack from star 5 to star 6 is faint and the arc line between the bases of S-O is clear (an uncracked example is unknown). Our grade is net VF35. 1636.58/27882691

Ex Heritage Auctions 9/26/2013:4978 (lot ticket included)

LOT 155 1825 N-2 R2 AU50. Lustrous light olive and chocolate with traces of very faded mint color in a few protected places. The upper half of the obverse is a slightly darker shade than the lower half. The surfaces are satiny and the only mark is a small nick on the rim left of star 5. MDS with a fine die crack from the bust tip to the dentils left of the date. A nice cent.

Ex . R. Frankenfield 6/1989-March Wells, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 1/7/2000:1859 (includes the Wells collection envelope and lot ticket)

LOT 152 1825 N-1 R4 VF25. Sharpness AU50 but covered with uniform microscopic porosity. No marks or verdigris. Light olive brown and steel. EDS. The die crack through the base of the date is light.

LOT 156 1825 N-2 R2 VF20. Five points sharper but the obverse was lightly cleaned and nicely retoned. Glossy chocolate brown and steel. Smooth and void of notable marks. MDS, Grellman state b, with a fine die crack from the tip of the bust to the dentils left of the date.

LOT 153 1825 N-1 R4 F15. Glossy medium brown with olive brown in protected areas. The planchet is smooth with just a few contact marks. The notable marks are a rim nick at star 7 and a fine scratch above the N in ONE. MDS with a die crack through the base of the date but no cud breaks.

Ex 1995 EAC Sale, lot 305 (lot ticket included)

Tuesday, June 14 th , 2022 1PM CST


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