Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 95 1817 N-15 R4 VF30. Sharpness EF45 but nicely recolored and covered with uniform microscopic granularity. No marks or verdigris. Frosty bluish steel and olive brown. E-MDS, Grellman state b, with a die crack connecting stars 1-3.

Ex 1998 EAC Sale, lot 191 (lot ticket included)

LOT 98 Pair of 1818 Cents. Includes N-1 R2 MDS VG10 and N-10 R1 LDS VF30 net F15 for light roughness. Lot of 2 coins.

Both are ex Coin Galleries (Stack’s) 7/14/1993:2116 (group lot, lot ticket included)

LOT 96 1817 N-16 R1 15-Star Obverse F15. Sharpness EF40 but lightly corroded, mostly on the reverse. No marks but there is dark verdigris in the corroded areas. Partly glossy light chocolate and steel brown. M-LDS.

Ex Stan Markowitz 3/19/1990

LOT 99 Pair of 1818 Cents, both Scarce Varieties. Includes N-2 R4 Rare M-LDS with a raised cud break at NIT (Grellman state g late) G6 net G5 for some light scratches, and N-4 R4+ EDS G5 net AG3 for bend. Both have a clear date. Lot of 2 coins.

The N-2 is ex Dr. Thomas S. Chalkley, Superior 1/28/1990:572-McCawley & Grellman Auctions 6/14/1994:83 (includes both lot tickets)

LOT 97 1817 N-17 R4 G6. Glossy chocolate brown and steel. Smooth with just a few minor marks including a small dig on the loop of the wreath ribbon. E-MDS with die cracks on the reverse but the top of the first T in STATES is not broken.

Ex Tom Reynolds 9/15/1995

LOT 100 1818 N-3 R3 VF35. Ten points sharper with microscopic hairlines on both sides. Otherwise void of marks. Frosty light chocolate and steel brown mixed with small puffs of lighter brown on the obverse. Sharply struck E-MDS, Grellman state a, with the reverse rotated 20 degrees CCW.

Ex Chris McCawley 9/16/1994

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