Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 73 Trio of 1816 Cents grading VG8 to VG10. Includes N-2 R1 M-LDS with reverse rotated 35 degrees clockwise, N-3 R4 MDS VG8, and N-5 R3 MDS VG8. All are glossy brown and chocolate. Lot of 3 coins.

LOT 74 1816 N-3 R4 VF35. Slightly sharper but there is a light scuff on the rim under the 81, a nick hidden in the hair under star 7, and two small rim nicks on the right side of the reverse. Glossy dark steel brown and olive with flowline frost in protected areas on the reverse.

LOT 76 Group of Five 1816 Cents grading AG3 to G6. Average grade is G4+. Includes N-4 R2, N-6 R2, N-7 R3, N-8 R3, and N-9 R3. A couple are slightly sharper with defects. Lot of 5 coins.

LOT 75 1816 N-3 R4 PCGS graded VF35. Glossy medium chocolate brown and steel with lighter brown toning in protected areas. No roughness or verdigris, only a few trivial contact marks including a very light rim bruise at IC in AMERICA. The best identifying defect is a fine planchet lamination that arcs through stars 12 & 13, as struck. MDS with the usual rim cud break from star 8 to star 11. Our grade is VF25 . The attribution is noted on the PCGS label. Comes with a nice provenance. 36529.35/39276129

LOT 77 1816 N-5 R3 VF30. Sharpness near AU50 but there is a dent in the dentils above TE in UNITED and another in the leaves below CA in AMERICA. Otherwise the surfaces are smooth and the eye appeal is quite nice. Glossy chocolate brown and steel with mint frost in protected areas. MDS.

Ex Jack Robinson, Superior 1/29/1989:655-March Wells Chris McCawley, 2009 EAC Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 4/18/2009:216-Chuck Hall Collection, Goldbergs 9/13/2020:63 (includes all 3 lot tickets)

Tuesday, June 14 th , 2022 1PM CST


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