Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 46 1800 S-200 R3 VG7. Glossy olive brown and chocolate. Smooth with minor contact marks, none significant. E-MDS, Breen state II, with obvious swelling that severely weakens STAT. The date is strong.

LOT 43 1800 S-198 R5+ Fair-2. Slightly sharper but covered with fine to moderate granularity. No marks or verdigris. Dark olive brown and steel. The date is weak but readable and about a third of the legends are readable.

Ex Dave Wilson 10/2001-Gary Smith Collection

LOT 44 1800 S-199 R4 G6. Lightly cleaned and retoned glossy light olive and chocolate. Smooth but there are some marks including fine hairlines on the obverse, some ticks on both sides, and minor rim bruises. M-LDS, Breen state V, with a small cud break over the F in OF. Swelling weakens ST and the central part of the reverse. The date is strong.

LOT 47 1800 S-201 R4+ VG7. Slightly sharper but covered with uniform very fine granularity. No verdigris, just a few trivial contact marks including a tiny rim nick left of the upper edge of the hair ribbon. EDS, Breen state I. There is a crack and swelling left of the lower curls and minor swelling in the wreath at D-S. The date is strong.

Ex 2000 EAC Sale, lot 650-Chris McCawley, 2003 EAC Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 4/26/2003:424-Mark Moncrieff 6/2017-Gary Smith Collection (includes both lot tickets)

Ex Duane Pichler 7/2010-Gary Smith Collection

LOT 45 1800 S-199 R4 G5. Choice glossy light chocolate brown with lighter brown toning on the devices. Smooth and very nice for the grade, just trivial contact marks from flawless. LDS, Breen state IX. The cud break over the F now connects with the letter and there is strong swelling at ST into the wreath and more on the right side of the wreath. The date is strong. Removed from a PCGS slab graded G6 (PCGS label #36185.06/34343586 included).

LOT 48 Trio of 1800 Cents. Includes S-201 R4+ EDS VG7 net G5 for fine roughness, S-202 R4+ E-MDS with swelling on both sides G5, and S-202 R4+ LDS with strong swelling on both sides, especially on the reverse AG3+. All have a clear date. Lot of 3 coins.

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