Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 37 1798 S-180 R5- Small 8 with Style II Hair AG3. A few points sharper but covered with microscopic roughness mixed with a few small pits, some of which contain light green verdigris. Fine hairline scratches show on both sides and there are a half dozen ticks in the field over the bust. The date is weak but readable and most of the legends are clear. LDS with two cud breaks on the reverse: one over TATE and another at UN.

LOT 34 1798 S-176 R4 Small 8 with Style II Hair G5. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate. Smooth and quite nice for the grade. The only marks are a thin nick in the hair left of the eye and a spot of darker chocolate brown toning in the field off the chin. E-MDS. The date is bold and the legends are readable.

Ex Chris McCawley 8/2015-Gary Smith Collection

LOT 35 1798 S-178 R5 Style II Hair with Reverse of 1796 Fair-2+. The obverse is better, the reverse weaker. Glossy olive brown and steel. Mostly smooth but there are traces of fine roughness in protected areas. The date is clear and the single leaves at the top of the wreath are weak but visible. A rare variety that is extremely difficult to find in grades above Good.

Ex Jerry Wysong-Rodney C. Burress-Kevin Vinton-Gary Smith Collection (includes the Burress envelope)

LOT 36 1798 S-180 R5- Small 8 with Style II Hair Fair-2. Heavily worn and covered with fine roughness. No verdigris and just a few light marks including a chip at the ribbon knot on the wreath. Steel brown. The date is faint, nearly gone, and about a third of the legends are readable. MDS with a clearly defined cud break at TATE.

LOT 38 Trio of Cents, 1798-1800. Includes 1798 S-185 R2 Small 8 with Style II Hair M-LDS G5 net AG3 for roughness, 1800/79 S-194 R3 Overdate 80 over 79 LDS (Breen VIII) with cud breaks on the reverse Fair-2+, and 1800 S-201 R4+ M-LDS (Breen IV) AG3. All have a readable date. Lot of 3 coins

Ex Tony Licari-Gary Smith Collection

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