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LOT 279 1797 S-132 R5+ Stemless Wreath NGC XF Details, Corrosion. Partly glossy dark olive brown and lighter steel brown with areas of lighter brown on the reverse. Mostly smooth on the obverse but lightly corroded on the reverse. There are myriad fine scratches on the portrait and traces of shallow verdigris in protected areas on the reverse. MDS. The reverse is rotated 15-20 degrees CCW. Our grade is net VG10. The attribution is noted on the NGC label. 4928208-001

LOT 278 1797 S-128 R3 M over E in AMERICA VF30. Five points sharper but there are too many minor contact marks for the sharpness grade. A pair of tiny pin pricks over the upper end of the hair ribbon and a light rim bruise at TE in STATES are the notable marks. Glossy chocolate brown with a faint hint of reddish steel brown overtone. MDS, Breen state V, with several die cracks on the obverse. The M over E error is strong.

Ex New Netherlands Coin Co. 12/13/1958:114-Lucien Birkler Collection


LOT 280 1797 S-133 R5 Stemless Wreath F12+. Sharpness at least VF30, one of the sharpest known of the variety, but there is a patch of fine reddish corrosion and greenish verdigris at ON and CEN, minor pitting elsewhere, and many tiny contact marks on both sides. That description might imply this cent is ugly but the eye appeal is decent, particularly on the obverse. Frosty steel brown with reddish brown tints in the fields and protected areas. Sharply struck M-LDS, Breen state IV, with strong die clashmarks on the obverse and a die crack to the neck. The date and legends are all strong. This cent comes with a very nice provenance. Ex Howard R. Newcomb, J. C. Morgenthau & Co. 2/16/1945:159 (as VF)-Milton A. Holmes, Stack’s 10/1960:1395 (as VF25)-an Eastern Consignment, Superior 2/1976:1424-Del Bland-C. Douglas Smith-Jerry A. Bobbe-R. E. Naftzger, Jr. 12/11/1986-Herman Halpern, Stack’s 3/16/1988:134-Philip Clover, Heritage Auctions 9/2012:3147-Terry Denman, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 6/2017:460-Matt Yohe 2/2018

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