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LOT 142 1809/6 C-5 R1 Overdate 9 over Inverted 9 EF45. Frosty light olive brown with golden tan in protected areas. Very attractive with just a touch of wear. The only mark is a dull, light scratch over the L in HALF. MDS, Manley state 2.0. The overdate feature is clearly visible.

LOT 141 1809 C-3 R1 VF35. Glossy olive brown and steel with frost in protected areas. No marks, just light wear on the devices. EDS, Manley state 1.0. Removed from an NGC slab graded XF45 (NGC label #3416383-004 included and it shows the attribution)

Ex 2011 EAC Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 5/14/2011:61 (lot ticket included)

Ex Heritage Auctions 6/2012:7088 (lot ticket included)


LOT 143 1810 C-1 R1 F12+. Sharpness F15 but there are a few minor marks on otherwise very attractive surfaces. The notable marks are a collection of microscopic pits or planchet chips in the field between the chin and star 2, a light scratch up from the left top of the 8, another over the H in HALF, a dull mark over the C in CENT, and a nick under the wreath ribbon. Extremely rare EDS, Fuhrman state 1, with a die clashmark or defect in the field close before the upper lip. The repunching at the lower left of the 0 is sharp.

LOT 144 1810 C-1 R1 VF30. Sharpness EF45 but lightly whizzed and very nicely retoned frosty dark steel brown and chocolate with slightly lighter brown in some protected areas. The eye appeal of this piece is quite nice and the cleaning would be very easy to miss. A barely visible bump on the edge below the 8 is the only notable mark. MDS. The repunching at the left bottom of the 0 in the date is clear and the reverse is rotated 45 degrees CCW.

Ex Chris McCawley 5/2013

Saturday, May 18 th , 2024 5PM EST


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