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LOT 719 1803 S-261 R2 Large Fraction VG10. Ten points sharper but the fields and protected areas are covered with very fine granularity. No verdigris, just a few small marks including two vertical nicks high on the neck, another on the shoulder, and another on the rim under the right edge of the 8. These nicks are in a line. Slightly glossy light olive brown and steel. MDS, Breen state IV, with an arcing die crack up through the shoulder and hair and swelling at the lower curls.

Ex the Lucien Birkler Collection (includes the Birkler collection 2x2)

LOT 722 1805 S-268 R3 G6+. A couple points sharper but the fields are covered with fine roughness. No marks or verdigris. Rather glossy light chocolate blending to olive brown in protected areas.

LOT 720 1803 S-265 R4 Large Date and Fraction AG3+. Slightly glossy dark chocolate with lighter steel brown on the devices. Trivial roughness and no significant marks. The lower half of the 3 is weak but the rest of the date is easily readable. MDS.

Ex New Netherlands Coin Co. MBS 4/21/1958:76-Lucien Birkler Collection (includes the Birkler collection 2x2)

LOT 723 1805 S-269 R1 Pointed 1 F12. Sharpness VF35 but slightly rough with areas of stronger pitting on both sides. No verdigris or significant contact marks. Partly glossy olive brown and dark steel.

LOT 721 1804 S-266c R2 Basal State-1. Sharper, perhaps G5, but there is a crude plug filling a large hole through the left side of the obverse. About a crude a plug job as you could imagine. But the date is still readable and most of the legends are clear. Light olive and steel. LDS with cud breaks on both sides.

Ex the Del Rio Collection

Ex the Del Rio Collection

LOT 724 1806 S-270 R1 VG8. A couple points sharper but covered with extremely faint granularity. No marks or verdigris. Slightly glossy dark steel brown with lighter brown highpoints.

Ex the Del Rio Collection

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