2024 EAC Sale


LOT 652 1855 C-1 R1 VF35. Sharpness AU50 but there are several small rim nicks on both sides, the strongest one off the end of the wreath ribbon. Everything inside the dentils is choice. Frosty medium brown. MDS.

LOT 647 1851 C-1 R1 Second 1 Repunched, PCGS graded AU58. Frosty light to medium brown with traces of mint red on the reverse. Attractive with trivial marks and just a light touch of friction on the highpoints. MDS. The repunching at the second 1 is clear. Our grade is EF45+. 1224.58/40605469

LOT 653 1855 C-1 R1 F15. Ten points sharper with fine hairlines in the fields on both sides. Otherwise smooth with trivial contact marks. Glossy light olive.

LOT 648 1851 C-1 R1 Second 1 Repunched VG10. Glossy light to medium brown. No defects, just worn.

LOT 654 1856 C-1 R1 VF35. Glossy light to medium brown. Slightly sharper but there are some small contact marks including two thin nicks on the neck and another right of the upper lip. The dentils above star 3 are weak due to an incomplete planchet.

LOT 649 1853 C-1 R1 VF30. Sharpness EF45 but cleaned and retoned frosty light olive with lighter golden tan on the highpoints. EDS. Sharp but the retoning is not great.


LOT 650 1854 C-1 R1+ PCGS graded AU58. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate with frost in protected areas. Smooth and attractive with just light wear on the devices. A barely visible rim bruise left of the date is the only mark. M-LDS, Manley state 2.0, with a lump on the upper part of the I in UNITED. Our grade is EF40. 1230.58/26634581

LOT 655 1794 S-21 R3 G4. Slightly sharper with fine roughness covering the reverse. No verdigris, just a couple trivial rim nicks. Slightly glossy chocolate with lighter steel brown toning on the devices. The bottom of the date is worn into the rim but the rest is clear. The legends on the reverse are weak but still readable. EDS+, Breen state II.

LOT 651 1854 C-1 R1+ EF40. Slightly sharper but there is a dull nick high on the neck at the jawline. Frosty light to medium brown with a spot of darker reddish brown toning under the 85. Sharply struck.

Ex “K. Ren.” 2/2/1959-Lucien Birkler Collection (includes the Birkler collection envelope)

Monday, May 20 th , 2024 5PM CDT


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