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LOT 622 1804 C-13 R1 Plain 4, Stemless Wreath VG10. Glossy olive brown and steel. Smooth with only trivial marks, none notable. LDS.

LOT 617 1804 C-6 R2 Spiked Chin G5. A couple points sharper with scratches through HALF. Glossy light olive brown and steel with smooth surfaces. M-LDS, Manley state 10, with numerous cud breaks on the reverse.

LOT 623 1805 C-4 R2- Large 5 with Stems VF20. Attractive glossy light chocolate. Smooth with trivial marks, none notable. EDS, Manley state 1.0.

LOT 618 1804 C-10 R1 F12. Slightly sharper with a rim nick over the B in LIBERTY. Otherwise very nice with smooth surfaces and trivial marks. LDS.

Ex Old Pueblo Coin 4/2012

LOT 624 1806 C-1 R1 Stemless Wreath VF35. Sharpness at least 10 points better but there are too many small nicks for the sharpness grade. Recolored glossy chocolate brown with frosty golden tan in protected areas. E-MDS.

LOT 619 1804 C-11 R2 Plain 4 with Stems F15. Five points sharper but recolored light olive brown and steel. The surfaces are smooth and glossy. The only marks are a few small ticks at the bust and a dull rim nick at OF. E-MDS, Manley state 2.0.

LOT 625 1806 C-2 R4 Small 6 with Stems AG3. Several points sharper with light corrosion and uneven surfaces. Glossy chocolate with lighter highpoints. A strong rim nick at the bust and a scratch down the portrait are the notable marks. The date and legends are all easily readable.

LOT 620 1804 C-12 R2 Crosslet 4 with Stemless Wreath VF20. Glossy olive brown and steel. Satiny and very attractive. The only mark is a tiny rim bruise left of the date. MDS.

Ex Bruce’s Coins 1/2013

LOT 626 1806 C-4 R1 Large 6 F12. Sharpness VF20 with a scratch along the profile. Looks like a double profile at first glance. Otherwise quite nice. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate. E-MDS. The repunching on the 6 is obvious.

LOT 621 1804 C-12 R2 Crosslet 4 with Stemless Wreath VG10. A couple points sharper but there is some fine verdigris on the denominator. Otherwise smooth with trivial contact marks. Light olive brown and chocolate. MDS.

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