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LOT 385 1804 S-266b R5 AG3+. Several points sharper but banged up a bit, slightly bent, and moderately corroded. The roughness is strongest on the right side of the reverse. On the plus side the date and legends are clear with the exception of STATES which is weak. Partly glossy reddish olive brown and steel with lighter chocolate on the portrait. Scarce MDS, Breen state III, with a strong cud break at RTY but none on the reverse.

Ex P. Maffeo 8/6/1962-Lucien Birkler Collection (includes the Birkler collection envelope)

LOT 386 1804 Private Restrike NGC graded MS63 Brown. Frosty light to medium brown with traces of red on the obverse. No spots, stains, or other defects. Late die state with both dies heavily lapped in a futile attempt to remove die rust leaving the central hair details missing or severely weakened. The reverse is rotated 10 degrees CCW from a perfect head-to-foot die orientation. An attractive example of this non-mint product made circa 1860 using scrap mint dies, the obverse from 1803 S-261 and the reverse from 1820 N-12. Our grade is MS63. 1292300-001

LOT 387 1805 S-267 R1 NGC graded AU55. Very attractive frosty light chocolate brown with lighter brown and tan in a few of the protected areas. No roughness or significant marks, just light wear on the devices. A small spot of lighter golden tan toning in the field behind the head and a tiny nick on the lower half of the neck can help identify this cent. MDS, Breen state III. Many of the dentils on both sides are still well defined and the repunching on the 5 is still visible. Our grade is EF40. 402613-003

Ex Heritage Auctions 10/18/2012:1175

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