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LOT 354 1802 S-242 R2 PCGS graded XF45. Beautiful frosty medium brown and light chocolate. Lightly worn on the devices with smooth surfaces. This cent has great eye appeal but there are a few minor contact marks including a light rim bruise at the L in LIBERTY, another at that B, a couple rim nicks off the upper end of the hair ribbon, and a dull rim nick at the U in UNITED. LDS, Breen state III, with a die crack at NITE that reaches the dentils above that E. Our grade is net VF30. 1470.45/29745478

Ex Kevin Vinton

LOT 355 1802 S-242 R2 VF25. Slightly sharper but lightly cleaned and retoned glossy brown with specks of darker toning scattered over the obverse. A shallow depression on the neck is toned a slightly darker shade of brown. MDS.

Ex “P. M.” 1/30/1959-Lucien Birkler Collection (includes the Birkler collection envelope)  LATE STATE 1802 NC-1

LOT 356 1802 NC-1 R5+ G6. Slightly sharper but there are some contact marks on otherwise nice surfaces. The notable marks are a light scratch arcing from the hair below the E to the throat, a minor rim bruise at the bust tip, a planchet flake in the field over the tip of the nose, and a small rim nick at the R in AMERICA. Two small spots of greenish verdigris are located over the T in UNITED, but they are easily missed. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate. LDS, Breen state IV, with a bisecting die crack through the B in LIBERTY and the portrait to the rim right of the date.

Ex Al Bonard 6/1964-Lucien Birkler Collection (includes the Birkler collection envelope)

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