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LOT 309 1799/8 S-188 R4 Overdate 9 over 8, PCGS Fine Details, Environmental Damage. Slightly glossy very dark olive brown and steel with slightly lighter toning on the highpoints. The fields and protected areas are covered with fine roughness and there are traces of verdigris in some protected areas. The obverse details are significantly sharper than those on the reverse, perhaps a 15/7 split. Just a few marks including a dull, old scratch through the bottom of the date and a pair of small nicks in the field under the hair ribbon. The date and LIBERTY are complete and relatively strong. The legends on the reverse are clear except for weakness at ES-OF. EDS. Our grade is net VG8. Not perfect but the strong date is a big plus. The overdate is noted on the PCGS label. 1446.97/28731897

Ex the Del Rio Collection

LOT 310 1799 S-189 R2 G5. Slightly glossy dark steel brown. Mostly smooth but there are small areas of fine roughness, strongest at ON in ONE. Several light scratches show in the field before the face. MDS with crumbling in the dentils at AM. Nicely struck except for weakness at the top of the reverse. The bottom of the date is starting to wear into the rim but the rest is strong.

Ex E. Strauss, 1/30/1963-Lucien Birkler Collection

LOT 311 1799 S-189 R2 G5. The obverse is several points sharper but the reverse is weaker. Both sides are covered with fine to moderate roughness, and the fields on the obverse have been smoothed. No verdigris. Dark olive brown and steel with lighter chocolate highpoints. A thin, old scratch in the hair under BE can help identify this cent. MDS with crumbling in the dentils at F-A. The date is clear and relatively strong, but LIBERTY and the opposing bottom of the reverse are weakly struck, a characteristic of the die state. Certainly not perfect but the strong date is a big plus at this grade.

Ex J. Mullen

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