Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 279 Pair of 1837 Cents. Includes N-1 R3 Plain Hair Cord MDS VF20+ and N-9 R1 Beaded Hair Cord MDS with die cracks on the obverse VF20. The first is slightly sharper but retoned; both are attractive with glossy brown and chocolate toning. Lot of 2 coins.

LOT 281 Group of Five 1837 Cents grading AG3 to VG7. Average grade is G4+. Includes N-3 R1 Plain Hair Cord, N-4 R2 Plain Hair Cord, N-5 Plain Hair Cord with Small Letters, N-11 R1 Beaded Hair Cord, and N-12 R3 Beaded Hair Cord. Most are glossy brown and chocolate; all have a clear date. Lot of 5 coins.

LOT 282 1837 N-5 R2 Plain Hair Cord with Small Letters AU50. Sharpness very close to mint state but lightly cleaned and nicely retoned glossy light brown and tan. Satiny and virtually flawless with great eye appeal. A shallow planchet flake left of the first A in AMERICA is the only mark (as struck). M-LDS, Grellman state b. A nice example of this “Redbook” variety.

LOT 280 Quartet of 1837 Cents with Plain Hair Cord. Includes N-2 R2 MDS VF30 net F12 for corrosion, N-6 R2 EDS VF20 net F12 for marks, N-8 R1 M-LDS (Newcomb’s old #7) VG7, and N-17 R4 LDS (Grellman state k) VG8. Lot of 4 coins.

Ex Heritage Auctions 6/2008:1108

Tuesday, June 14 th , 2022 1PM CST


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