Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 275 Pair of 1836 Cents with Gobrecht Head. Includes N-6 R2 MDS VF20, and N-7 R4 E-MDS F15+. Both are glossy brown and chocolate with smooth surfaces and nice eye appeal. Lot of 2 coins. PROOFLIKE 1836 N-7 GOBRECHT HEAD

LOT 276 1836 N-7 R4 Gobrecht Head AU50. Sharpness very close to mint state and this cent has excellent eye appeal, but it was lightly cleaned and retoned. Glossy medium brown and light olive with light bluish steel and sea green overtones, especially on the reverse. Very sharply struck with slightly reflective fields, especially on the reverse. A tiny tick under star 7 is the only notable mark. EDS, Grellman die state b early. The die crack at TED-ST is faint and microscopic die polishing lines show in the fields on the obverse. A beautiful cent in spite of the light cleaning. A variety that is difficult to find in top grades; only one mint state piece is known graded by strict EAC standards. Noyes photo #30072. Comes with a nice provenance.

Ex Kreisberg & Schulman 1/1957:3335-Jerry Kolar-Dr. Robert J. Shalowitz-C. Douglas Smith-Herman Halpern, Stack’s 3/16/1988:470-J. R. Frankenfield, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 2/17/2001:1123-W. M. “Jack” Wadlington, Stack’s Bowers 7/16/2015:2276

LOT 277 1837 N-1 R3 Plain Hair Cord PCGS graded AU53. Glossy tan with steel brown toning on the highpoints. There is a puff of slightly darker brown toning on the curls at star 13 and a few small areas of similar toning outside the wreath. The toning is attractive but this cent may have been lightly cleaned long ago, now retoned. A planchet flake under the chin and a small spot of fine carbon over star 3 are the notable marks. E-MDS. The fields on the reverse are very lightly flowlined and the die line over the F in OF is sharp. Our grade is net EF40. The attribution and Dr. Tom Wachtel Collection provenance are noted on the PCGS label. 37147.53/38059134

LOT 278 1837 N-1 R3 Plain Hair Cord EF45. Frosty light brown with darker steel brown toning on the highpoints. Satiny mint luster shows in protected areas. A couple tiny ticks from flawless including a nick on the jaw and another over the bust tip. LDS with flowlined fields and die cracks on both sides.

Ex Douglas F. Bird

Ex Bob Weeks (eBay) 11/1/1999-Kenneth Schugars-Chris McCawley-Doctor Thomas Wachtel Collection, Early Cents Auctions 7/1/2023:150 (includes the Schugars collection envelope and lot ticket)

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