Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 269 1835 N-19 R4+ Head of 1834 with Small 8 & Stars VG7. Sharpness F12+ but a bit dark with raised corrosion covering the neck. Otherwise reasonably smooth with only minor marks. Slightly glossy olive brown and steel with lighter steel brown on the devices. The attribution points are clear.

LOT 272 1836 N-3 R1 VF25. Slightly sharper with a few small nicks, none notable. A shallow low spot under the E in CENT may help identify this cent. Glossy chocolate and steel brown. MDS, Grellman state c, with a cud break at star 6.

Ex Philip Moore 4/19/1997

Ex Chris McCawley 4/22/1995

LOT 273 1836 N-4 R3 EF40. Frosty light to medium brown and steel. A subtle puff of darker steel brown toning down from the right corner of the eye is the only notable mark. MDS, Grellman state b, with fine die cracks on the reverse. Sharp and attractive, just lightly worn on the highpoints of the devices.

Ex Tom Reynolds 9/15/1995

LOT 270 Trio of 1836 Cents. Includes N-1 R1+ LDS F15, N-2 R2 MDS VG10, and N-4 R3 MDS G6. All are slightly sharper with minor defects. Lot of 3 coins.

LOT 274 1836 N-5 R3 VF25+. Sharpness near EF40 but there is a rim dent right of the date, a strong nick below EN in CENT, and a dull nick on the rim over the I in UNITED. Otherwise frosty and very nice showing only trivial marks. Light brown with slightly darker steel brown on the highpoints. M-LDS.

Ex Tom Reynolds 4/22/1995

LOT 271 1836 N-2 R2 EF40+. Frosty light to medium steel brown. Satiny and very nice for the grade, close to EF45. The best identifying mark is a small puff of darker toning at the top of the N in ONE. LDS, Grellman state e, with die cracks on the reverse.

Ex Bowers & Merena FPL 12/7/1990 (as AU50)-McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 10/2000:1396 (includes the Bowers sale ticket and Superior lot ticket)

Tuesday, June 14 th , 2022 1PM CST


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