Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 4 1794 S-65 R1 NGC graded XF40. Glossy dark olive brown and steel with a small splash of reddish brown toning at the 9 in the date. Smooth except for some tiny planchet chips on the reverse (as struck). No verdigris and just minor contact marks. The notable marks are a rim nick at LI in LIBERTY, a couple nicks on the neck and truncation, and a nick under TE in STATES. M-LDS, Heck state 7, with numerous die cracks on both sides. The date is bold and the legends are clear, although the second A in AMERICA is weak due to progressing die failure in that area. Graded VF30 by Bland. Noyes says net VF20. Our grade is VF20+. The attribution and Exman Collection provenance are noted on the NGC label. 3809163-011

Ex “Moore”-Eugene Exman Collection, Heritage Auctions 6/4/2015:3064 (includes the Exman collection envelope and Heritage lot ticket)

LOT 5 Pair of 1796 Cents with Draped Bust. Includes S-109 R3 G4 and S-111 R5- VG8 with the right third of the coin cut off (but the date is complete and strong). Too bad because the S-111 is a really tough variety. Both are brown and chocolate with a clear date. Lot of 2 coins.


1797 S-133 R5 Stemless Wreath AG3. Glossy chocolate with lighter brown covering the devices. Smooth with about a dozen small contact marks, all consistent with the grade. LDS, Breen state V, with strong swelling at the bust tip that obliterates the second 7 and most of the 9. The Stemless Wreath feature is obvious but not strong. Struck on a planchet with diagonal edge reeding visible in some areas, particularly over UNITED (Breen’s edge #5).


1796 S-116 R5 Draped Bust, Reverse of 1795 F15. Sharpness VF30 or better but dark and covered with very fine roughness, strongest on the reverse. Dark olive brown and steel, nearly black. No verdigris and the only notable marks are a light diagonal scratch in the field before the nose and a shallow nick or planchet flake over the C in CENT. Sharply struck EDS, Breen state I. Graded VF35 net F12 and CC#8 in the Noyes census, his photo #26326. One of the sharpest known of this very scarce variety. Ex Fred H. Borcherdt 10/7/2000-Walter J. Husak (includes the Husak collection envelope)

Ex Brett Dudek 4/2015

Tuesday, June 14 th , 2022 1PM CST


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