Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


THE DR. RUBY 1794 S-35

LOT 1 1794 S-35 R5 VG7. Sharpness VF30 but moderately rough. No verdigris and the only mark is a barely visible rim bruise at the F in OF. Slightly glossy olive brown and steel. MDS, Breen state VI, with die cracks on the obverse. Struck with the reverse rotated 30 degrees clockwise relative to the normal head-to-foot die orientation. The date and legends are complete and easily readable. Comes with a nice provenance.

Ex David M. Bullowa-Dr. Charles L. Ruby, Superior 2/10/1975:34 (plated)-Jeff Peck 1976


1794 S-62 R4+ NGC VF Details, Environmental Damage. Glossy olive brown with lighter chocolate brown toning on the highpoints. Quite glossy, probably coated with Care or some similar protectant. The obverse is smooth but the fields and protected areas on the reverse are covered with fine roughness mixed with some verdigris. The only marks are a pair of dull scratches hidden in the patina right of the fraction. LDS, Heck state 3, with a cud break on the left side of the obverse. The cud looks fully developed but sharper examples show that the cud is retained with some dentils visible on the cud. The date and legends are complete and clear. Our grade is net VG10 , same as the Noyes and Bland assessment for this cent. Comes with a nice provenance. The attribution and Exman Collection provenance are noted on the NGC label. 3809163-008 Ex Henry C. Hines-Dr. William H. Sheldon 12/25/1954-Eugene Exman Collection, Heritage Auctions 6/4/2015:3061-Old Virginia Collection-Tom Deck 10/1/2022 (includes the Exman collection envelope and Heritage lot ticket)


1794 S-58 R3 NGC graded XF40. Glossy olive and steel brown. Smooth and very attractive with only minor contact marks. The only notable marks are two old, light scratches on the upper neck into the hair, a dull nick under the end of the bust, and a trio of light nicks off the end of the nose. None of the marks is distracting and this cent has excellent eye appeal for the grade. MDS, Heck state 4, with clashmarks on both sides. The die crack at UNIT reaches the dentils over the T but barely reaches the U. Our grade is VF25 . The attribution and Exman Collection provenance are noted on the NGC label. 3809163-004 Ex J. P. Young-Barney Bluestone 1945-Judge Thomas P. Gaskill-Dr. William H. Sheldon-Dorothy I. Paschal-Eugene Exman Collection, Heritage Auctions 6/4/2015:3058 (includes the Paschal collection envelope and Heritage lot ticket)

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