Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 179 1827 N-5 R2 VF25. Slightly sharper but there is a rim dent at TE in UNITED. Otherwise smooth and attractive with trivial contact marks. MDS.

LOT 177 1827 N-3 R3 EF40. Frosty brown and light chocolate with darker olive brown toning around star 1. A nick on the jaw near the ear lobe is the only notable sign of contact. Nicely struck EDS. The die crack at stars 1-6 is faint.

Ex Tom Reynolds 9/16/1994

Ex Douglas F. Bird

LOT 180 1827 N-6 R3 VF30+. Very attractive glossy chocolate brown and steel. The fields are smooth and slightly reflective, and this cent has outstanding eye appeal. Close to VF35. E-MDS, Grellman state c. The obverse is cracked through the date and most stars, as usual, and the fine line from the outer point of star 12 to the dentils is still visible. Removed from an NGC slab graded AU50BN (NGC label #2598844-017 included, and it shows the attribution and Conour provenance).

Ex Jack Conour (via Shawn Yancey FPL) 4/21/2013 John Pijewski, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 5/31/2015:273 (includes the Pijewski collection envelope and Goldberg lot ticket)

LOT 181 1827 N-6 R3 VF30. Ten points sharper but there are a few light scratches on both sides, mostly under star 2 and in the field before the face, plus a rim nick at star 9. Attractive frosty tan and light steel brown. The die cracks on the obverse are light and there is a die line from star 12 to the dentils.

Ex Chris McCawley

LOT 178 Group of Five 1827 Cents grading AG3 to G6. Average grade is G4+. Includes N-3 R2, N-6 R3, N-7 R3, N-8 R3, and N-9 R3. All are glossy brown and chocolate with a clear date. Lot of 5 coins.

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