Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 171 1826 N-5 R2 VF25. Slightly sharper but lightly cleaned and retoned glossy steel brown with traces of darker olive brown in protected areas on the reverse. Smooth with trivial marks including a very light rim bruise at star 12. LDS, Grellman state h, with a series of rim cuds from star 3 to star 8.

Ex Tom Reynolds 9/19/1995

LOT 172 1826 N-6 R2 F12. Glossy steel brown and chocolate. No defects, just moderately worn. M-LDS, Grellman state h, with a rim cud from star 6 to just past star 8. The cud break is strong.

LOT 175 Quartet of 1827 Cents. Includes N-1 R2 with the reverse rotated 30 degrees clockwise VF30 net F15 for light corrosion, N-2 R3 VG8, N-4 R2 VG10 net VG7 for minor roughness, and N-11 R1 F12. Lot of 4 coins.

Ex Doug Bird 4/8/1994

LOT 173 1826 N-9 R3 F15+. Attractive glossy medium brown and light chocolate. Nearly choice. The only notable mark is a small nick over the N in ONE. LDS, Grellman state f, with a small rim cud at star 7, and the cud reaches beyond the dentil tips.

LOT 176 1827 N-2 R3 EF45+. Frosty golden tan. Satiny and very attractive with just a touch of friction on the highpoints. A spot of reddish brown toning over the C in CENT is the only mark. MDS. Close to AU50. Removed from a PCGS slab graded AU53 (PCGS label #1651.53/98155754 included).

Ex Rod Burress 9/18/1993

Ex Thomas D. Reynolds

LOT 174 1827 N-1 R2 AU50. Frosty light brown with traces of faded mint red in protected areas on the obverse. There is very little wear on this cent but the strike at the top of the head and around stars 6-9 was blunted by debris (lubricant) on the die. A thin, nick-like flaw in the weakly struck hair over BE is the only notable mark. EDS, Grellman state a.

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