Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 137 1822 N-5 R3 PCGS graded AU50. Glossy chocolate brown and steel with frosty lighter brown toning in protected areas. The surfaces are smooth except for a bit of extremely faint granularity at AM in AMERICA. No verdigris and only trivial contact marks including a hairline under F-A. MDS, Grellman state b, showing fine die rust on the neck (tiny lumps on the coin). Our grade is VF35 . The attribution is noted on the PCGS Gold Shield label. 36724.50/39173647

Ex Thomas D. Reynolds 6/1/2006-Chuck Hall Collection, Goldbergs 9/13/2020:131-Colorado Collection, Early Cents Auctions 1/22/2021:378 (includes both lot tickets)

LOT 140 Trio of 1822 Cents, All Scarce Varieties. Includes N-7 R3+ VG8, N-8 R4 EDS VG7, and N-12 R4 G5. All are attractive glossy brown and chocolate, just worn. Lot of 3 coins.

LOT 138 1822 N-5 R3 VF30. Sharpness near EF40 but there is a small patch of roughness or shallow planchet flakes at star 4 and light contact marks on both sides, none notable. Glossy tan and light brown with darker steel brown on the devices. A splash of reddish brown toning covers the 22 to star 13. MDS.

LOT 141 1822 N-9 R5- G4+. Glossy steel brown blending to chocolate in protected areas. Smooth and void of significant marks, just worn. EDS.

Ex Tom Reynolds 4/12/1997

Ex Chris McCawley 4/8/1994

LOT 139 1822 N-7 R3+ VF20. Ten points sharper with glossy dark olive brown toning, but extremely faint granularity covers the fields and protected areas. No verdigris. The only mark is a small nick left of star 12. MDS. The leaf under IC is weak with a partial outline. Graded VF30 net VF25 by Bland. Comes with a great provenance.

Ex Carl Wurtzbach 5/13/1919-Mrs. Henry Ford (yes, that Henry Ford), Stack’s 12/1951:229-Willard C. Blaisdell 9/15/1976-R. E. Naftzger, Jr. 3/1977-Robert E. Vail, Superior 9/7/1997:424 (includes the Blaisdell and Naftzger collection envelopes and the Superior lot ticket)

LOT 142 Pair of Scarce Varieties, 1822 & 1824. Includes 1822 N-9 R5- MDS G6 net G4+ for rim bumps, and 1824/2 N-5 R4 Overdate 4 over 2 MDS G5. Both have a clear date and legends. Lot of 2 coins.

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