Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 132 Lot of 10 Cents, 1822-1849, grading AG3 to VG10. Average grade is G6 to VG7. Includes 1822 N-1, 1828 N-1, 1838 N-10, 1839 N-2, 1846 N-12, 1846 N-13 (2), 1847 N-?, 1849 N-8, and 1849 N-9. Some are sharper with defects but all have a clear date. Lot of 10 coins.

LOT 133 1822 N-2 R3 EF45. Five points sharper with a few faint scratches on the neck. Otherwise very nice, nearly choice. Frosty medium brown and light chocolate. Nicely struck MDS, Grellman state b, with a die crack at stars 7-12.

LOT 134 Group of Five 1822 & 1824 Cents. Includes 1822 N-2 R3 AG3, 1822 N-3 R2 AG3, 1822 N-11 R2 G6 net AG3 for scratches, 1824/2 N-1 Overdate 4 over 2 R1 AG3+, and 1824 N-2 R2 G4 net Fair-2 for damage. All are glossy brown and chocolate with a clear date. Lot of 5 coins.

LOT 136 1822 N-4 R2 F15. Ten points sharper but covered with extremely fine granularity. No verdigris but there are two nicks in the hair at ER in LIBERTY. Reddish chocolate brown and steel.

LOT 135 1822 N-4 R2 EF45+. Choice frosty light chocolate brown and steel with lighter brown in protected areas on the reverse. Sharp and very attractive, just lightly worn on the highpoints. No defects, close to AU50. VEDS, Grellman state a, with smooth, slightly reflective fields. Comes with a nice provenance.

Ex Coin Galleries (Stack’s) 7/13/1994:131 (lot ticket included)

Ex Dennis Mendelson 6/7/1988-Del Bland-Herman Halpern, Stack’s 3/17/1987:163 (lot ticket included)

Tuesday, June 14 th , 2022 1PM CST


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