Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024


LOT 124 1820 N-12 R3 Large Date EF45. Five points sharper with traces of microscopic roughness at stars 8-10. Otherwise very nice, nearly choice. No verdigris or notable contact marks. Frosty light brown with reddish brown at stars 8-10. Nicely struck EDS, Grellman state a. The lump over star 4 is strong. Graded AU50 by Bland. Comes with a very nice provenance.

Ex Judge Thomas L. Gaskill 11/1956-New Netherlands Coin Co. (privately)-Dorothy I. Paschal, New Netherlands Coin Co. 12/1957:1408-Willard C. Blaisdell 9/15/1976-R. E. Naftzger, Jr.-Robert E. Vail, Superior 9/7/1997:412 (includes the Blaisdell and Naftzger collection envelopes and the last lot ticket)

LOT 121 Trio of 1820 Cents with Small Date. Includes N-5 R3 EDS G4, N-6 R4 MDS G6, and N-7 R3 MDS VG10. All are sharper with slightly rough surfaces. Lot of 3 coins.

LOT 125 1820 N-12 R3 Large Date VF30. Slightly sharper but there are a few light scratches at the bottom of the wreath. Attractive frosty light chocolate with slightly lighter toning in protected areas. MDS.

LOT 122 1820 N-10 R2 Large Date PCGS graded AU50. Frosty medium chocolate brown and steel with lighter steel brown toning in the protected areas. An attractive cent but there are some contact marks including some dull nicks on the nose, a couple dull, light scratches in the field before the face, and a vertical line of ticks through the N’s in ONE CENT. MDS. Our grade is EF40. The attribution is noted on the PCGS label.

Ex Tom Reynolds 4/22/1995

Ex Doug Bird 8/19/1995

LOT 126 1820 N-13 R1 Large Date PCGS graded AU58. Frosty medium brown and tan with golden tan faded down from mint color in some of the protected areas. A small swipe of darker toning at the U in UNITED and a thin one at D-S are the best identifying marks. Looks mint state but there is a bit of friction on the highest points of the devices. MDS, the usual Randall Hoard die state for the variety. Sharply struck and very attractive. Our grade is AU50+ . The attribution is noted on the PCGS label.

LOT 123 1820 N-11 R2 Large Date VF25. Glossy medium brown and light chocolate. Smooth and quite nice for the grade, free of notable marks. Nicely struck EDS. The repunching at the bottom of the T in CENT is sharp.

Ex Tom Reynolds 8/19/1995

Ex Rod Burress 9/15/1995

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