Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 117 Trio of 1820 Cents with 20/19 Overdate. Includes N-1 R2 Large Overdate 20/19 E-MDS VG8 net G4 for a dent, N-2 R2 Small Overdate 20/19 MDS G5, and N-3 R2 Small Overdate 20/19 MDS G6. All have a clear date and glossy brown and chocolate toning. Lot of 3 coins.

LOT 119 1820 N-4 R4 Small Date VF35. Frosty medium chocolate brown with slightly lighter brown toning on the reverse. Sharp and very nice for the grade showing light friction on the devices and trivial contact marks. A thin vertical nick over the tip of the coronet can help identify this cent. EDS, Grellman state a. The fields are hard, the dentils are crisp, and the tiny center dot on the reverse is clear.

LOT 118 1820/19 N-2 R2 Overdate Small 20 over 19 EF45+. Slightly sharper with great eye appeal, but there is a faint scratch in the field before the face. Otherwise choice. Frosty light chocolate brown with flowline luster in protected areas. MDS with lightly flowlined fields. The repunching at the 2 is clear. Graded AU50 by Noyes, his photo #27631.

Ex Vern Lowe-Stuart A. Hodge

Ex Tom Reynolds, 1999 EAC Sale, lot 412-Phil Moore 2017 EAC bourse (includes the EAC Sale lot ticket)

LOT 120 Quartet of 1820 Cents. Includes N-4 R4 Small Date MDS G4, N-8 R3 Small Date MDS G4, N-9 R3 Large Date LDS G6, and N-15 R2 Small Date MDS G4. All are glossy brown and chocolate. Lot of 4 coins.

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