Rothchild Counterfeit Houston Money Show Auction January 20, 2024

LOT 61 1802 S-242 R3 VF30. Choice glossy medium chocolate and steel brown. Smooth and essentially flawless, just lightly worn on the devices. LDS, Breen state III, with die clashmarks and a crack at NITE that reaches the dentils at both ends.

Ex Chris McCawley-Tom Deck 4/14/2013

LOT 62 1803 S-245 R3 PCGS graded XF45. Medium chocolate brown and steel. Smooth with sharp details and just a few trivial marks including two tiny rim nicks at D-S. Late die state, Breen III, with a strong cud break at RICA and a tiny cud break over the left side of the N in UNITED. Our grade is VF30+, close to VF35. (The holder is badly scuffed.) 1482.45/18648136

Ex Adam Mervis, Heritage Auctions 1/10/2014:2791 (lot ticket included)

LOT 64 Quartet of Cents, 1803 & 1807. Includes 1803 S-247 R3 EDS G4, 1803 S-248 R4 EDS G4, 1803 S-254 R1 EDS VG7 net G5 for nicks and fine scratches, and 1807 S-271 R1 Small Fraction with “Comet” break G4+. All are glossy brown and chocolate with a clear date. Lot of 4 coins.

LOT 63 Trio of 1803 Cents, all Rare Die States. 1803 S-246 R3 LDS with a cud break at STA AG3, S-249 R2 Corrected Denominator 100 over 000 LDS with a large cud break at the bust tip, and S-257 R2 Large Fraction LDS with a large retained cud break at STATES G5. All have a readable date. Lot of 3 coins.

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