Colonial Fixed Price List



1. All coins are guaranteed genuine. I will replace or issue a refund for any coin found not to be genuine. This is a lifetime guarantee on this promise I offer for your protection. 2. All attributions are guaranteed correct, which is also a lifetime guarantee. I will issue a refund or, if available, provide a replacement for any coin found to be mis-attributed 3. A full 14-day return privilege is allowed on all purchases. Returns may be made for any reason, or for no reason. My business depends on attracting repeat customers. It does neither one of us any good for you to keep a coin with which you are not completely satisfied. I am confident that the overall quality and value of the material I offer here is second to none. This does not mean that you might not order a coin that fails to satisfy your personal taste or desire. It is even possible for me to have missed a defect or to have been optimistic about the grade, however it is not my intention. I encourage you to use the 14 days as an approval period. Feel free to show your purchases to other knowledgeable EAC members. Get a second opinion. All sales are final after the 14-day period. 4. Approval service is also available to established clients. Seven days inspection is allowed on approval service at which time the coin must be returned, or funds remitted. Approval sales are considered final after seven days. Extensions are available upon request. We accept VISA or MASTERCARD with a 3% service fee. 7. Most collectors find that the enjoyment, education, and friendships formed as a result of their collecting pursuits have been their greatest reward If it much easier to lose money quickly than to make money quickly in rare coins. If you are not willing to undertake the educational process necessary to make well informed decisions regarding your collection, you will almost certainly lose. Coin dealers are often more than willing to give investment advice. As my good friend Jack Robinson (whose collection did very well for him when it was sold in 1989) likes to say: THINK ABOUT IT! When you ask a cat which canary to buy, remember his first concern may not be how well it sings. There are many opportunities to do well financially in rare coins. However as with any other medium investment, success is the result of a combination of knowledge, good timing, and the ability to wait for the right time to sell. Commit yourself to the process of becoming an educated collector and you stand a good chance of success. 5. All orders are sent postpaid. 6. Strict ANA and EAC guidelines are followed in grading.

1 Contact Chris McCawley at 405-226-5072 or Lucas Baldridge at 972-310-9497

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