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LOT 258 1796 S-108 R4 Draped Bust G4. Slightly sharper but there are some contact marks including a dull dent or scrape left of the L in LIBERTY, rim bruises at the bust tip, and a void on the rim below the 17 (perhaps as struck). The surfaces are decent but do show microscopic roughness in the fields and protected areas. No verdigris. Rather glossy olive brown with lighter brown toning on the devices. EDS. The date is clear and the legends are readable although some elements are weak.

LOT 255 1796 S-105 R5- Draped Bust PCGS graded AG3. Slightly glossy steel brown and medium chocolate. Reasonably smooth but there is some extremely fine roughness, particularly in the small area between the U and ribbon. The only notable marks are a tiny, light rim bruise over the E in STATES and a nick under the E in ONE. The date is easily readable although the bottom is starting to flow into the rim and the legends are readable. Our grade is AG3. 1407.03/29245473

Ex Shawn Yancey-the Clackamas Collection

Ex Robert J. Pingle, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 1/7/1995:347-Scott Barrett-2015 EAC Sale, lot 67-the Clackamas Collection (includes both lot tickets)

LOT 259 1796 S-109 R3 Draped Bust PCGS F Detail, Environmental Damage. The obverse is several points sharper than the reverse, perhaps a 10/5 split. Fine roughness covers the fields and protected areas, strongest under ER in AMERICA. No verdigris and just a few trivial marks including a dull tick hidden in the drapery right of the 6. Medium brown on the devices with darker olive brown and steel in the fields and protected areas. E-MDS, Breen state II, with the right ribbon detached from the knot thanks to excessive die polishing. The date is strong and the legends are readable. The eye appeal of the obverse is actually quite nice. Our grade is net G6+ . 1404.97/43003885

LOT 256 1796 S-106 R4+ PCGS VG Detail, Scratch. Slightly glossy medium chocolate brown and steel with lighter steel brown toning on the devices. A bit dull from microscopic roughness but there is no verdigris and the eye appeal is decent for the grade. The only notable mark is a diagonal scratch through the lowest curls. The date and legends are not strong but they are easily readable. Our grade is net G5+. The attribution is noted on the PCGS label. 35789.95/35684472

Ex eBay (Great Lakes Coins and Collectibles)-the Clackamas Collection

Ex Heritage Auctions #132152 lot 29023-the Clackamas Collection (lot ticket included)

LOT 257 1796 S-107 R5 Draped Bust G5. Slightly sharper but the surfaces are a bit uneven and a glass reveals very fine granularity in protected areas. There are some shallow dents or planchet flakes on both sides and a couple spots of fine verdigris on the reverse, particularly one at the top of the E in ONE. Faint hairline scratches are lost in the toning on the obverse. Rather glossy medium chocolate brown and steel. EDS, Breen state I, before the obverse die cracked. The date and legends are complete and clear. Graded VG7 net G5 by Noyes, his photo #60310.

LOT 260 1796 S-110 R3 Draped Bust G5. Sharpness VG10 but covered with fine granularity. No verdigris but there are some fine scratches on both sides including some around the digits in the date and another at the base of the O in ONE. Dark olive brown and steel with lighter brown on the devices. The date is strong and the legends are readable, although weaker at the top of the reverse due to an uneven strike. EDS before any cracks.

Ex Tom Reynolds-David Johnson 4/27/2007-William W. Woytasek, Stack’s Bowers 3/24/2021:8495-the Clackamas Collection (includes the Woytasek collection envelope and lot ticket)

Ex Ronald G. Sohns, 2004 EAC Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 4/17/2004:104-the Clackamas Collection (lot ticket included)

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