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LOT 214 1794 S-71 R2 Head of 1795 NGC graded VG10. Choice glossy light chocolate with slightly lighter brown in the protected areas. Perfectly smooth with very attractive surfaces. Just a few small marks including a tick on the jawline near the ear lobe and a short diagonal scratch below the O in ONE. MDS, Breen state III, Heck state 1. The date and legends are all bold. Our grade is VG10. The attribution and Carlyle Luer Collection provenance are noted on the NGC label.

Ex Carlyle A. Luer, Heritage Auctions 1/3/2018:3196

LOT 217 1795 S-75 Lettered Edge R3 PCGS XF Detail, Environmental Damage. Sharpness EF40 or a bit better but covered with fine to moderate granularity and porosity. No verdigris and just minor marks including two strengthened strands of hair right of the cap and some very faint hairlines on both sides. The edge of the planchet is slightly beveled over ED-S (as struck). Dark olive brown and steel with lighter reddish brown in some protected areas on the reverse. Sharply struck EDS. Our grade is net F12+. The attribution is noted on the PCGS label. 35717.97/34132687

LOT 215 1794 S-72 R2 Exact Head of 1795 F15. Slightly sharper with smooth surfaces that show a few contact marks. The notable marks are a rim dent off the chin, a tiny one left of the cap, and light rim bruises at F-A and ME. Glossy light brown blending to light reddish chocolate in protected areas. LDS, Breen state V, Heck 5, with die cracks and clashmarks on both sides. The date and legends are all strong.

Ex the Del Rio Collection

Ex the Del Rio Collection

LOT 218 1795 S-76b R1 Thin Planchet with Plain Edge F12. At least 10 points sharper but there is fine roughness on the obverse, stronger roughness mixed with verdigris on the reverse. Medium brown and light chocolate on the obverse; darker chocolate and olive brown on the reverse. No significant marks. Earlier die state before any swelling in the obverse fields. The date is bold.

LOT 216 1795 S-75 Lettered Edge R3 PCGS graded VF30. Glossy medium chocolate brown with light steel overtones. No corrosion but there are some tiny planchet chips in the field left of the lower curls, as struck. The only notable contact mark is a light rim bruise left of the cap. MDS, Breen state IV. There are light die cracks on both sides and minor swelling at the 17. The date is bold and the legends are strong. Our grade is F12+. The “Lettered Edge” feature is noted on the PCGS label. 1377.30/29547467

Ex Thomas D. Reynolds-McCawley & Grellman Auctions/ Goldbergs 6/2014:49

Saturday, May 18 th , 2024 5PM EST


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