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LOT 170 1855 C-1 R1 MS60+. Lustrous golden light olive. Nicely struck for this date with dentils around both sides. There is a dull rim nick at star 5 and a spot of dark toning under the second S in STATES. E-MDS. The obverse fields are satiny but the fine die line to the right top of the M in AMERICA is still faintly visible.

Ex 1991 EAC Sale 4/27/1991:56-Carvin Goodridge-Goodridge Estate, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 9/2/2012:369 (includes the Goodridge collection envelope and all 3 lot tickets)

LOT 171 1856 C-1 R1 PCGS graded MS64 Brown, CAC Approved. Lustrous light olive and steel brown with 20% of the planchet showing mint color, mostly on the reverse. Must have been very close to getting an “RB” designation. There are a few tiny ticks on the cheek and some minor specks of dark toning on the obverse. A speck of fine carbon at the dentils under the 18 is the only mark visible to the unaided eye. LDS, Fuhrman 2, Manley 2.0. The lump on the I in UNITED is gone. Our grade is MS63. 1236.64/37158080

LOT 173 Blank Planchet for Half Cent, Stage II, PCGS graded MS62 Brown. Frosty medium brown. NO spots, stains, or notable marks (other than the usual small chips always present prior to striking). The rims are upset (stage II of the process). Those upset rims are relatively narrow which suggests (but does not confirm) the planchet was intended for the half cents of 1803 1836. Our grade is MS60. The Type II Planchet and 5.4 grams weight (83.3 grains) are noted on the PCGS label E11112.62/33618754

Ex 2020 EAC Sale, Early Cents Auctions 8/8/2020:107 (lot ticket included)

Ex Stack’s Bowers 11/13/2020:8434 (lot ticket included)

LOT 172 1857 C-1 R2 EF45. Frosty steel brown and light chocolate. Just light friction on the devices. The only contact marks are two tiny ticks right of star 4. The best identifying mark is a small low spot in the field below the hair bun (as struck). EDS.

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