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LOT 504 1852 N-5 R2 ANACS graded AU58. Frosty light brown and tan with subtle overtones of sea green on the reverse. A small splash of reddish brown toning under star 2 can help identify this cent. Sharply struck with just a trace of friction on the highpoints. E-MDS, die state a. There are fine die flowlines in the fields but the die lines from the dentils at star 13 are still visible. Our grade is AU50. The attribution is noted on the ANACS label. 7446904

LOT 505 1852 N-6 R2 PCGS graded MS62 Brown. Frosty medium brown. The only defect is a faint spot of very fine carbon on the rim at star 2. Looks mint state but there is a hint of rub on the highpoints. LDS, die state c, with a large rim cud from below star 10 to star 12. Our grade is AU50. 1898.62/48404347


LOT 506 1852 N-11 R1 MS60+. Lustrous light olive and steel brown with bluish steel overtones on the reverse. Underlying mellowed mint red covers about 15% of the obverse. Just a few trivial marks; mostly faint specks of darker toning at stars 4-6. What makes this cent so special is the die state. MDS, die state c, with a strong rim cud break under the 185 and a narrow (but clearly defined) irregular rim cud from star 9 to beyond star 10 nearly halfway to star 11. The narrow cud break was unknown and is not mentioned in the new Grellman reference on the series (but I doubt it would show on a worn coin). The cud under the 185 is the strongest seen for this extremely rare die state. A prize for a die state collector.

Ex Henry T. Hettger, Goldbergs 9/26/2012:631 (lot ticket included)

LOT 507 1852 N-11 R1 EF40. Frosty light to medium brown with darker steel brown toning on the highpoints. No marks or other defects, just light friction on the highpoints. LDS, die state e, with a rim cud break over TES-O. The rim cud is clearly defined on this example. Tied for CC#5 honors for the die state in the Grellman census.

Ex Henry T. Hettger 6/5/2003-Robert E. Soltisiak, Goldbergs 9/26/2021:633 (includes the Hettger envelope and lot ticket)

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