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LOT 499 1851 N-25 R3- MS60+. Lustrous light to medium steel brown. Sharply struck and very attractive. The only defects are a few tiny specks of verdigris, all well-hidden. There is one nestled against the inner curl, another in the dentils over TE in STATES, and another at the right top of the N in CENT. Scarce EDS, die state a. The fine die lines on both sides are clear. In the lower end of the condition census for the variety; higher for the die state. Removed from a an older generation PCGS slab graded MS65BN (PCGS foldover light green label #01892.65/8072908 included).

Ex McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 11/18/2004:1179-Thomas D. Reynolds (includes the Reynolds sales envelope)

LOT 502 1852 N-1 R1 Repunched 18 AU55. Frosty light brown with slightly darker steel brown toning on the highpoints. No spots, stains, or notable marks. Looks mint state but there is a trace of friction on the highest points of the devices. M-LDS, die state c late. The numerous die cracks on both sides are clear but the repunching under the base of the 1 is still faintly visible (Newcomb’s old #2). The repunching on the 8 is long gone and the fields are flowlined.

LOT 500 1851 N-34 R4 EF45. Choice glossy light to medium chocolate brown. Virtually perfect. A very tiny pinprick near the dentils under star 13 is a good identifying mark. MDS, die state b.

Ex Thomas D. Reynolds 11/2004-Evan L. Kopald, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 9/20/2010:1203 (lot ticket included)

Ex Auctions/Superior 2/24/2003:459-Thomas D. Reynolds 2/28/2003 (lot ticket included) McCawley & Grellman

LOT 501 1851 N-39 R3 EF45. Very attractive light chocolate brown and steel with mint frost in the protected areas. A spot of very fine carbon on the rim above star 6 is the only notable mark, and it is barely visible. Sharply struck with great eye appeal for the grade. Scarce EDS, die state a. The small bar defect near the dentils above star 3 is clear. Comes with a nice provenance.

LOT 503 1852 N-3 R1 NGC graded MS63 Brown. Lustrous light olive brown with traces of mellowed red in protected areas . No marks and very nice eye appeal. Looks choice mint state but there is a hint of rub on the very highest points of the devices. M-LDS, die state b, with flowlined fields and a die crack from the rim through TE in UNITED into the top of CEN. The reverse is rotated 15 degrees CCW relative to the normal head-to-foot die orientation. Housed in an older generation “fat” NGC holder. 206003-005

Ex Jay D. Watson-Thomas D. Reynolds-R. S. Brown, Jr., McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 6/2/2002:1023-Fred Iskra, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 9/2012:774 Greg Hahn 4/2017 (includes the Reynolds, Brown, and Iskra envelopes and both lot tickets)

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