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LOT 463 1839 N-2 R2 Head of 1838 PCGS graded MS64 Brown, CAC Approved. Lustrous steel brown and light olive with frosty mint red showing through in the fields and protected areas, at least 20% of the planchet showing some shade of mint red. No stains, only a few insignificant marks. The notable marks a speck of dark toning in the field before the upper lip and some microscopic ticks on the cheek. A small swipe of bright mint red through the right side of the T in CENT is the best identifying mark. E-MDS, Grellman state a, with the die lines at STA and RICA dull but clearly visible. The fields are covered with microscopic radial die flowlines that create attractive cartwheel luster. Called MS63 Choice and tied for CC#3 in the Noyes census, his photo #21526. Bland says MS65 and tied for CC#2. Our grade is MS63 +. This is the plate coin for the die variety in the 1940 Newcomb reference on the cents of 1816-1857 (Plate IX obverse 2, Plate X, reverse B). A beautiful cent that comes with an outstanding provenance. The attribution and Nancy & Bryan Collection provenance are noted on the PCGS label. 37225.64/13092009 Ex Allison W. Jackman, Henry Chapman 6/28/1918:797-Dr. Henry W. Beckwith, S. H. Chapman 4/27/1923:91-William Festus Morgan, J. C. Morgenthau 6/16/32:307-Howard R. Newcomb, J. C. Morgenthau 5/16/1945:704-Floyd T. Starr, Stack’s 6/13/1984:376-R. E. Naftzger, Jr.-Naftzger Estate, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Goldbergs 2/1/2009:441-Nancy & Bryan (Yamasaki) Collection, Goldbergs 2/16/2020:373 (includes the Naftzger collection envelope and last three lot tickets)

LOT 465 1839 N-12 R4 Booby Head VF20. Glossy light brown with a couple woodgrained streaks of medium brown on the obverse. Smooth with inconsequential marks including a thin planchet lamination under TAT in STATES. MDS, Grellman state b, with a clear die crack from the rim through star 4 to the nose.

LOT 464 1839 N-9 R2 Silly Head EF45+. Frosty medium steel brown and light chocolate. Satiny and smooth with just a touch of wear on the highpoints. A subtle spot of darker toning midway between the chin and star 3 can help identify this cent. M-LDS, Grellman state f, with several rim cud breaks on the obverse in addition to the usual bisecting crack.

Ex an unrecorded source in England

Ex Ray Chatham-John Ashby 11/1980-Ed Jasper (includes the Jasper collection envelope)

Saturday, May 18 th , 2024 5PM EST


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