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LOT 351 1802 S-241 R1 Stemless Wreath VF25. Glossy light brown and olive mixed with some slightly darker olive toning on the obverse. The toning may not be original but it is attractive. Smooth with just a couple trivial marks including a tick on the forehead and a light nick high above the N in ONE. E-MDS, Breen state I, with die clashmarks on the obverse. The Stemless Wreath and Doubled Fraction bar features are clear.

LOT 352 1802 S-241 R1 Stemless Wreath VF25. Slightly sharper but there is an obvious planchet flake on the T in LIBERTY and a nick below. Otherwise the surfaces are smooth and the cent has great eye appeal. Glossy olive brown and steel with a couple tiny splashes of lighter brown and tan at the bottom of the reverse. MDS, Breen state III. The Stemless Wreath and Doubled Fraction Bar features are clear.

Ex Douglas F. Bird-Lucien Birkler Collection (includes the Bird sales ticket)

Ex McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 9/5/2004:523 (lot ticket included)


LOT 353 1802 S-241 R1 Stemless Wreath G4. Glossy medium steel brown with a spot of darker olive brown on the neck. No roughness or notable marks, just worn. TDS, Breen state V, with two bold cud breaks on the reverse: one at OF-A and another at TATE. The cud breaks are strong but the details at the bottom of the reverse are weak due to an uneven strike. The date is clear. Only 8 examples of this terminal die state are known to us.

Ex George Ramont-Fred Borcherdt-James E. Long-Tom Schuler

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